The unique aspects of e-commerce, however, mean we put great detail in what works with customers and what doesnt. Rather than simply build what you ask for (and only what you ask for), we’ll take that on board and advise where we think more improvements can be made based on proven experience.
But let’s not underestimate the importance of good design. Just like the functionality of a website, good design should just work.

We are a design-orientated web development company and as such we believe that good design is at the very core of every website, realising that intuitive customer journeys and important page cues are just as important as emotive and aspirational branding and photography.

We help you develop a design as well as a plan, and implement the best e-commerce system for your needs. With our extensive experience in Magento and WooCommerce, we can achieve your online retail goals. Once your e-commerce site is up and running, we can also help you promote your products through our sophisticated internet marketing, as well as design marketing collateral that can tie directly into your products.

If your business is product-oriented and you are looking for an effective way to conveniently sell your products while establishing your online visibility,


If you’re serious about e-commerce and have a large catalog or advanced integration requirements, Magento is the ideal system for your needs. Built on PHP, Magento is available as an open source solution (Community Edition) that allows for highly robust, custom e-commerce websites to be built.ecommerce-design

If you have even more substantial requirements, then an Enterprise solution may be a worthwhile investment, as it comes with several features and functionality not offered in the Community Edition as well as premier support directly from Magento.

At Inverse Paradox, we have a team of in-house developers who specialize in not only the custom look and feel of Magento but understand all of the pieces that make it tick. This includes custom extension development, server performance tuning, and data management.


If you have a smaller catalog or you’re just starting out with an online cheap nexium store, WooCommerce is the perfect entry level solution to address your needs. Since it’s an extension of WordPress, you can easily get a store up and running while not substantially increasing the cost of your website.

WooCommerce offers a dependable out-of-the-box system that can be easily tailored to match your website’s look and feel. It includes many different tools so you can offer variable products, simple coupon codes, and many different checkout and shipping options.

Key e-commerce features :

  • Payment gateways : All types of payment gateways
  • Unlimited Categories and Products
  • Two products variation families
  • Unlimited offer discounts either all categories or specific product lines.
  • Before and after sales price
  • Facebook comments on products
  • Post products directly onto Twitter and Facebook
  • Ratings and comments on products
  • Manual and automatic stock control
  • Internal products notes and cost pricing
  • Customer account areas : Customers login and admin their own account area
  • Customer account area order history : Customers can re-order directly from their previous order history.
  • Customer order purchase tracking : Let your customer know at what stage their order is at, from recieved to packed to dispatched and more.
  • Automatic postage add-on : let the site add up your weight and calculate your postage automatically.
  • International delivery : make sure international orders pay the right postage automatically.
  • Wish lists : store your order for the future
  • Wholesale option : let your distributors create an order and email it direct to you.